10 games that can best make money(Game Making Money)

The games make money-Play a game is a very fun activity and engrossing, because playing a game that is not making money will only make our mind more fresh and relaxed from the denseness of the routine that already We run daily.

When you have less time and boring, then you can use that time to play games. In addition to making your mind calm, games can also speed up your time. Sometimes it was so nice of you will forget the time.

A great many categories of games that you can play in accordance with your passion and the games you can get for free alias free. However, generally the game is loved by many people and including the world famous games are games that are paid, of course you have to spend in deeply to get the game.

Who love the game will certainly be very glad if game play, plus if we play games of yesteryear can make money. The question, indeed, there are games that make money 2018? There must be one. The following Elbaihaki the Blog will merefrensikan some applications and online games to make money for you.

A collection of the latest money-making Games 2018

1. Vainglory (game making money)

vain glory

Vainglory is a game first make money is worth Your try. If you belong to one of the fan of MOBA games, such as DotA 2 on your computer, then you definitely happy with Android games Vaiglory. Vainglory in itself is the game’s most popular Android MOBA. Along with Clash of Clans, Vainglory managed to become one of the five best Android strategy game Play in Google’s Store during the year 2015.

Surely you would not think that, by playing the game You can monetize Vainglory lho. The trick is pretty easy, more or less the same as the gameClash of Clans that are in the list above. I.e. by selling your account ID Vainglory, purchase services ICE, and follow pekannya every tournament of Vainglory.

So, if you are a hobby with gamers. Let your time is not wasted, just sell Your Vainglory account to additional results from playing games that make money.

2. EVE Online

Eve Online

Who the hell that has never heard of EVE Online? Eve Online is a game original to make money the next that we recommend to you. The game was developed by CCP Games which belong to this type of MMORPG with a science fiction setting.

Here you will experience many unique activities such as mining, manufacturing to trading. Certainly in it you will be buying and selling transactions of weapons or source to the between friends around the world. This certainly could be an opportunity for those of you who want to make money just by playing games.

3. Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe

The next Moneymaker beranama game Entropia Universe. Games developed by MindArk was released in 2003. Entropia Universe is an elite class of games, where you will be offered a large amount of money that belongs to.

Here, each player will be given US $25 thousand or about Rp 300 million to the island who successfully built and completed. Each time finished building the island, you will get additional income from various sectors. Let You not curious anymore, just directly play games make money this is the best right now!

4. Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 in game MORPG that goes into a game that could generate money for players. Because here you will play the surfing Mission in outer space emi the task of research.

The actual game Exodus 3000-themed space war, you will be paid a reward worth the dollar for each space mission that was completed at that time. Not surprising if many lovers of this game is vying to become rich.

5. Second Life

Second Life

Second Life is the next money-making games that are a bit different from other games. Since released in 2003, Second Life invites players to connect with other players through the online world. This game belongs to a real-world simulation game much like The Sims.

In the game Second Life, every mission you complete will receive prize money. The more you diligently pursuing the mission, then your money will be more and more. Even you can buy the necessary items to appeal to the other players.


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