How To Fix Lag While Playing AOV (Arena Of Valor)

How to fix Lag while playing AOV (Arena Of Valor) Latest-Games AOV which stands for Arena Of Valor is an online game that is almost similar to the current game again ngehits and ngetren among lovers online games namely games MOBA or commonly called Mobile Legends. Although almost similar, but the look of the game graphics design AOV is much better compared to Mobile Gaming Legends.

However, when mobile phone users play AOV long enough, frequent mistakes on the game. Moreover, with the specifications of the hp with 1 GB RAM. According to the information, when a mobile phone with 1 GB RAM linger play the game this, AOV will happen to lag or errors on this game.

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This game is also very AOV familiar also among lovers of the game online. And if you’ve played this game, then we ourselves if it was too engrossed playing a game is not right feels already sampe few minutes I play it Yes. Maybe some people think, when we’re having fun playing, then quite a long time feels like an instant only.

As a result, if it is too old to play games, this will make the AOV hp we become hot and when it is like that, certain games you play also will experience the onset of lag when playing a game it AOV.
However, you do not need to worry and fret when you play this game and then all of a sudden just happen to lag. Things like that happen for several reasons, one of which happened at hp Android only has 1 GB RAM and played long enough.

Following this, I let a few ways that you can do when it happens to lag while gaming AOV.

lag arena of valor

1. Wear the Android Terminal Emulator Application

Using the Android terminal emulator applications useful to stabilize the connection. Because, one of the disadvantages that are present in the game this is a large number of AOV bug. Often users complain because when this aov matches happen lag. And the average lag is caused due to a lack of Internet connection is less stable.

Therefore, use this application and immediately download the playstore for free.

2. Setting the animation in the Developer Settings

The next way that is, by setting up a manual on setting, this way developers go so as graphics more efficiently. The trick is quite easy, IE bukalan setting developers who usually there under its own Android settings. And the following, section graphics animations that you can setting on Smartphones kesayanganmu.

  • For the display can change the scale of the animation window into a dead
  • To display the scale animated transitions into a dead
  • For the duration of the animator can change scale to 0.5 x
  • For setting the force the gpu Rendering is set Active
  • For setting force 4 x MSAA set Active

3. Clean the Residue Files or Junk File using the Application

Before you play the game, just maybe earlier AOV you are online at sosmed (currently open Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) surely there are junk files that still nyangkut in hp. To that end, immediately clean the application default scan with hp, or you can also download the playstore in for free, such as Application Clean Master.

4. If you want to Play While AOV, First turn off the Sosial Media.

If you want to play, you’d better turn off the AOV first sosmed application you are running. Delete all existing sosmed Applications in the hp you. Delete by the way go to settings–applications–> > then select applications sosmed are you going to delete data–> if already, then click clear data (remember to delete data, jangam in click Uninstall)
Not only telephone calls that could make the match AOV be lag. Some of the sms that goes to our hp, ntah sms from the Center or the lainnta, the notifikasinya or sms will not be able to make a lag time of the return match. Especially if its many notification and you will not be able to play this game perfectly without any hitch.

5. Please use a Low Setting on Game AOV

While playing this AOV, it’s good if you set the in-game settings. That is, by lowering the performance of graphics on the games. The way is, by pressing setting, then lower the setting becomes low.
That’s a couple of ways that you can do while playing this game AOV. In this way could also be applied to the hp Android which has 1 GB RAM, and hopefully this article useful and can add to our knowledge of how to cope with the latest games the lag AOV.
Read more about how to overcome the lag in the arena ov valor here.

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